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Financial Consumer Alert: List of unauthorised companies and websites has been updated.  (12 Oct 2018)

The Bank has updated the Financial Consumer Alert list. The list consists of companies and websites which are neither authorised nor approved under the relevant laws and regulations administered by BNM.

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Ruling of the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its 187th Meeting  (09 Oct 2018)

The Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its 187th meeting on 27 August 2018 decided that the application of musyarakah contract between a retakaful operator and takaful operator in managing the expense strain of the latter arising from the implementation of ‘Minimum Allocation Rate’ requirement is permissible, subject to the following conditions:

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Ruling of the Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its 186th Meeting  (09 Oct 2018)

The Shariah Advisory Council (SAC) of Bank Negara Malaysia at its 186th meeting on 31 July 2018 decided that the distribution of a takaful fund’s surplus (after meeting all of the takaful participant’s rights and takaful fund’s liabilities) in the event of a winding up of a takaful operator (TO) to the takaful protection fund managed and owned by Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation (PIDM) is permissible, provided that such surplus shall first be utilised to cover the deficit of any other takaful funds and the liability of the failed TO.

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Governor's Presentation Slides at the Malaysia: A New Dawn Conference - The Malaysian Economy: Drawing resilience from underlying strength  (09 Oct 2018)

Governor Nor Shamsiah delivered a special address entitled 'The Malaysian Economy: Drawing resilience from underlying strength' at the Malaysia: A New Dawn Conference on Tuesday, 9th October 2018 at Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

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Governor’s Welcoming Remarks at the Commemoration of the Centennial of Tun Ismail Ali’s Birth  (08 Oct 2018)

Trust and integrity. These were the key principles of the man who built Bank Negara Malaysia and shaped the nation. Some remember him for establishing institutions that form the economic pillars of modern Malaysia; some remember him for his contributions to the nation and the financial system. Some may remember him as family, or a good friend. 

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International Reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia as at 28 September 2018  (05 Oct 2018)

The international reserves of Bank Negara Malaysia amounted to USD103.0 billion as at 28 September 2018. The reserves level has taken into account the quarterly adjustment for foreign exchange revaluation changes following the strengthening of the US dollar against various foreign currency reserve assets held by Bank Negara Malaysia. The reserves position is sufficient to finance 7.4 months of retained imports and is 0.9 times the short-term external debt.

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Honouring Excellence in Islamic Finance: The 2018 Royal Award Recipient, Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz  (03 Oct 2018)

His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, the Sultan of Perak and the Royal Patron for Malaysia’s Islamic Finance initiative today conferred the Royal Award for Islamic Finance 2018 (The Royal Award) to Tan Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz.

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Governor's Keynote Address at the Global Islamic Finance Forum 2018 (GIFF) - "Value Based Intermediation - Beyond Profit"  (03 Oct 2018)

In the past half century, the world economy expanded sixfold, despite experiencing the worst and most expensive financial crisis.

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Guidance Documents on Value-based Intermediation: Strengthening the Roles and Impact of Islamic Finance  (03 Oct 2018)

The Bank today issued 3 guidance documents to facilitate the practical adoption of Value-based Intermediation (VBI). 

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International Technical Cooperation

Find out more about BNM’s international technical cooperation programmes for central bankers and financial regulators.

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Financial Technology Enabler Group

The Financial Technology Enabler Group (FTEG) was established by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in June 2016 to support innovations that will improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of financial services in Malaysia.

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Pembiayaan Mikro

A sustainable microfinance scheme, where participating financial institutions offer microfinance products that are easy, fast and convenient to micro enterprises with viable businesses.

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Museum and Art Gallery Bank Negara Malaysia

An informal and interactive venue for learning about the importance of numismatics, economics, Islamic banking and financial planning.

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Find out more about Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing

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RINGGIT is a joint-effort publication between FOMCA and Bank Negara Malaysia. This collaboration creates greater outreach in our effort to improve the consumer awareness on financial issues.

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