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Bank Negara Malaysia Annual Report 2011

All the documents here are in Portable Document File (PDF) format.

In order to read this document, you will need Adobe™ Acrobat™ Reader™, which is downloadable for free from the Adobe™ Web Site. [Go there]

If you already have the software, choose any of the following:

The complete book [PDF 918K]
Statutory Requirement [PDF 49K]
Board of Directors & Senior Officers [PDF 109K]
Governor's Statement [PDF 80K]
Executive Summary [PDF 70K]
Contents [PDF 69K]
Chapter 1: Economic Developments in 2011 [PDF 383K]

Chapter 2: Monetary and Financial Conditions [PDF 264K]

Chapter 3: Monetary Policy in 2011 [PDF 140K]

Chapter 4: Outlook and Policy in 2012 [PDF 186K]

Chapter 5: Governance, Organisational Development and Communications [PDF 179K]

Chapter 6: Annual Financial Statements [PDF 231K]

Annex [PDF 165K]


Key Economic and Financial Statistics

Malaysia - Key Economic Indicators [PDF 58K]
Malaysia - Financial and Monetary Indicators [PDF 52K]
National Accounts
A.1 Gross Domestic Product by Kind of Economic Activity in Constant 2000 Prices [PDF 35K]
A.2 Growth in Manufacturing Production (2005=100) [PDF 36K]
A.3 GNI by Demand Aggregates [PDF 36K]
A.4 Savings-Investment Gap [PDF 33K]
A.5 Labour Market: Selected Indicators [PDF 38K]
A.6 Private Consumption Indicators [PDF 30K]
A.7 Private Investment Indicators [PDF 36K]
External Sector 
A.8 Balance of Payments [PDF 40K]
A.9 Gross Exports [PDF 36K]
A.10 Exports of Primary Commodities [PDF 36K]
A.11 Principal Markets for Manufactured Exports [PDF 37K]
A.12 Principal Export Markets for Electronics [PDF 37K]
A.13 Principal Export Markets for Electrical Products [PDF 37K]
A.14 Principal Export Markets for Chemicals and Chemical Products [PDF 37K]
A.15 Principal Export Markets for Palm Oil [PDF 37K]
A.16 Principal Export Markets for Rubber [PDF 35K]
A.17 Principal Export Markets for Crude Oil [PDF 36K]
A.18 Principal Export Markets for LNG [PDF 36K]
A.19 External Debt and Debt Servicing [PDF 37K]
Monetary and Financial Indicators
A.20 Consumer Price Index [PDF 38K]
A.21 Producer Price Index [PDF 38K]
A.22 Broad Money (M3) [PDF 36K]
A.23 Money Supply: Annual Change and Growth Rates [PDF 30K]
A.24 Interest Rates (%) [PDF 31K]
A.25 Movements of the Ringgit [PDF 29K]
A.26 Housing Credit Institutions [PDF 30K]
A.27 Housing Loans Outstanding [PDF 36K]
A.28 Housing Loans Approved [PDF 36K]
A.29  Financing of the Economy [PDF 31K]
Public Finance
A.30 Consolidated Public Sector Finance [PDF 38K]
Selected International Economic Indicators
A.31 Major Advanced Economies: Key Economic Indicators [PDF 36K]
A.32 Emerging Asia: Key Economic Indicators [PDF 36K]

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