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About the Bank

Financial Education Hub (FEH)

The Bank has embarked on establishing a designated and integrated area, known as the Financial Education Hub, to promote and ensure continuous world-class learning and development. This education hub will include the new Asia School of Business complex and the Financial Industry Training Centre presently under construction. The International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and the International Shariah Research Academy will also be relocated to this area, which is contiguous to the Bank's Sasana Kijang complex. The Hub is envisioned to be a focal point for international learning and research that will nurture a sustainable pool of local talents to support the development of the domestic financial industry.

Creating synergies to develop talent in the financial sector and raise professional standards

The Financial Education Hub will host 200,000 finance practitioners by 2020.

The Bank has put in place extensive institutional infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of financial services professionals

Education affiliates to meet the needs of the financial sector at varying stages

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We can look forward to the completion of the Financial Education Hub located within the vicinity of Bank Negara Malaysia. The hub is envisioned to advance education, research and nurture innovation in financial services. This will be achieved through its state-of-the-art staff training facilities, a financial services library that will serve the entire financial services community, innovation labs for information technology, a software development hub, a cybersecurity centre and an integrated security command centre.

Future generations of financial services professionals will be nurtured and cultivated within this space. By congregating tens of thousands of finance practitioners within close proximity, we believe that great and exciting synergies will materialise to develop talent and raise professional standards of the industry. This meeting of great minds will be the path towards building future leaders and respected finance professionals. It will be a hub where the best minds in finance will come together to contemplate, reflect and discuss on the frontiers of finance.

Governor's Speech at the AICB Graduation Ceremony 2018: "Bankers as Guardians of the Financial System", 12 May 2018

Pembinaan kompleks FEC (Financial Education Campus) yang merangkumi Centre of Excellence, ACE dan Asian School of Business (ASB) yang sedang giat dilaksanakan ketika ini, adalah merupakan idea futuristik kita bagi melahirkan modal insan yang unggul dan cemerlang dalam industri perbankan dan kewangan. Kita bervisi untuk menjadikan Kuala Lumpur sebagai Hab Pendidikan Perkhidmatan Kewangan.

Ucapan Gabenor di Majlis BNM Makan Malam 2017 - "Menuju Masa Depan yang Cemerlang", 19 Ogos 2017

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