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Sixth Auction of Ringgit Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers (4th Series)

Release Date: 18 Apr 2017

Bank Negara Malaysia will be conducting the sixth auction of Ringgit banknotes with special serial numbers on Saturday, 22 April 2017, 8.30a.m. onwards at the Auditorium, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. The auction will be conducted by the Bank's appointed auctioneer, MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn. Bhd. (MNP).

The auction will provide a fair opportunity to members of the public to obtain highly sought-after banknotes with special serial numbers such as AV1111111 or GG8888888

The types of banknotes that will be auctioned include sets of the first 10 banknotes (e.g. GG0000001 – 0000010), solid numbers (e.g. LS8888888), super solid numbers with repetitive prefix (e.g. BB4444444), ten million numbers with repetitive prefix (e.g. BB10000000) and ladder numbers (e.g. BB1234567).

The online bidding and registration can be completed at www.best2bid.com. Further information on the auction can be obtained at MNP's website, www.mnp.com.my.  Kindly contact MNP's customer service hotline at 017-400 6661 for more information.

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