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Exposure Draft on Operating Cost Controls for Life Insurance and Family Takaful Business

Release Date: 27 Oct 2017

Issuance Date
27 October 2017

Effective Date
1 January 2018

The exposure draft sets out the deregulation of operating cost control limits to allow Licensed Life Insurers and Family Takaful Operators greater flexibility to manage operating expenses commensurate with their business strategies, encourage greater innovation and competition. This will be accompanied by standards to strengthen the professionalism of insurance and takaful intermediaries.

This policy document sets out the following –

  1. the roadmap for the deregulation of operating cost control limits;
  2. expectations on remuneration policies;
  3. requirements relating to the implementation of the balanced scorecard framework;
  4. the disapplication of, and adjustments to, operating cost controls for specific products and intermediaries;
  5. enhancements to and rationalisation of requirements relating to agency structures and related expenses; and
  6. governance and reporting requirements.


Section in Charge

Issuing Department
Insurance Development Department

Further details can be found in the following documents:

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