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Financial Education & Awareness


Go to BankingInfo Websitebankinginfo is an initiative under the Bank's Consumer Education Programme (CEP) aimed to provide consumers with the knowledge and understanding of the wide range of banking products and services, and where assistance or advice can be obtained. Through information provided in the bankinginfo, consumers will be in a better position to select the financial services or products that best meet their needs as well as be able to understand their rights and responsibilities relating to the services/products that are being offered.

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Go to InsuranceInfo WebsiteThe Consumer Education Programme (CEP) on insurance and takaful is known as insuranceinfo and is a joint effort between the Bank and the insurance and takaful industry. The insuranceinfo is designed as a long-term programme to provide educational information to enable consumers to make well-informed decisions when purchasing insurance or takaful products. insuranceinfo aspires for consumers to be in a better position to select insurance or takaful products that best meet their needs as well as to understand their rights and responsibilities as consumers of insurance or takaful products and services.

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Go to InsuranceInfo Websiteduitsaku.com is a financial planning education website targeted towards Malaysian children. It is designed especially to help children understand what is financial planning and why financial planning is important for their future welfare. The website is equipped with information and activities that serve the above purposes. Members can enjoy all kinds of activities on this website. These include quizzes, crossword puzzles, games, wallpapers and screensavers downloads, e-cards, discussion forums and so on.

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