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Malaysian Financial Market Developments

Investing in the Malaysian Financial Market

A well-functioning financial market plays a critical role in the development of a country's real economy. This is even more important for highly open economies like Malaysia, where the exchange rate is an important element in trade and investment. Bank Negara Malaysia continually undertakes initiatives to broaden and deepen the Malaysian financial markets. With its multi-dimensional strategies and initiatives, Bank Negara Malaysia aims to reset the direction of the onshore market, strengthen the pillars of the onshore financial markets as well as enhance the market resiliency.

List of counterparties for access to the Malaysian financial market

List of counterparties for access to the Malaysian financial market

This list highlights all the licensed onshore banks in Malaysia, both local and foreign banks, custodian banks both local custodians and global custodians as well as international central securities depositories that can be approached by investors for access to the Malaysian financial market, apart from the Appointed Overseas Offices (AOOs) available globally to facilitate investors.

Standard documentation guide for FX Transactions

Minimum Due Diligence for Foreign Exchange Transactions for Non-Residents

This document is an industry-led initiative, aimed at promoting greater market efficiency. This standard documentation guide aims to streamline minimum due diligence processes by banks to improve transparency, document requirements and enhance investors’ experience.

Statements by Financial Markets Committee(FMC)

21 May 2018
Strengthening Financial Market Infrastructure

17 Nov 2017
Governor's Opening Remarks at the Persatuan Pasaran Kewangan (PPKM) Annual Dinner [Third Series of Initiatives to Develop the Onshore Financial Market]

13 Apr 2017
Second Series of Initiatives to Develop the Onshore Financial Market

14 Mar 2017
Roundtable Discussion on Bond Market Development

6 Dec 2016
Appointed Overseas Office Framework

2 Dec 2016
Initiative to Develop the Onshore Financial Market

11 Nov 2016
Financial Market Stabilisation Measures

9 Nov 2016
Monitoring of market situation amid US Presidential Election

30 June 2016
Post Brexit - Malaysian markets remain resilient

23 June 2016
Brexit- Liquidity in the domestic remains ample

15 June 2016
Migration to Kuala Lumpur USD/MYR Reference Rate

13 May 2016
Establishment of the Financial Markets Committee

Updates on Malaysian Financial Market

  1. FMC Meeting on 25 Nov 2016
  2. FMC Meeting on 9 Dec 2016
  3. FMC Meeting on 28 Dec 2016
  4. FMC Meeting on 17 Jan 2017
  5. FMC Meeting on 17 Feb 2017
  6. FMC Meeting on 5 May 2017
  7. FMC Meeting on 7 June 2017
  8. FMC Meeting on 21 Dec 2017
  9. FMC Meeting on 15 May 2018
  10. FMC Meeting on 18 May 2018