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Jushua Meta Anak Nully from CIMB wins the Ninth Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia

Ref No : 07/17/05 14 Jul 2017 Embargo : For immediate release    

Thirteen of the best orators from the nation’s financial industry were shortlisted today to battle for first place in Pertandingan Pidato antara Institusi Kewangan Piala Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia (Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor). Jushua Meta Anak Nully from CIMB Bank Berhad emerged champion and took home the coveted Piala Gabenor Bank Negara Malaysia with his topic on get rich quick schemes. Meanwhile Abdul Hadi Abdul Apet from AIA Berhad and Mohammad Akmal Shuib from CIMB Bank Berhad came in second and third place respectively.

Presenting their points over seven minutes, participants put their powers of persuasion and intellect to the test on a range of topical financial issues. This year’s event drew more participants with approximately 100 talents from 29 financial institutions presenting during the semi-final events two days prior. The most popular topics were on why Malaysians still fall for get rich quick schemes; fintech and the evolving financial world; Islamic finance and its future direction, and insurance and takaful, a want or need. Bank Negara Deputy Governor, Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour, officiated the event today.  

Established in 2009 and in its ninth year running, Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor is co-organised with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. It provides a platform for members of the financial industry to share their views on current financial issues close to the heart of the Malaysian public. Its twin aim is to foster a sense of pride in and passion for the national language. Through programmes such as this, the Bank aims to encourage the usage of Bahasa Kebangsaan in the financial sector so that it is more robust and effective in reaching out to Malaysian consumers. The Bank also hopes to harness the talents and skills of employees of financial institutions in the field of public speaking in Bahasa Malaysia through this competition. Since its inception, the Bank has reached out to approximately 450 participants from over 30 financial institutions.

This year, the Bank’s social media communications on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram platforms drew more enquiries and participation. Based on feedback from the previous year, the Bank also extended pre-event oratorical workshops (Bengkel Pidato) from one day workshops, to two days, to provide more in-depth guidance to participants. The pre-event workshops this year were held on 11-12 May and 24-25 May and attracted over 70 participants. During the workshops, participants learnt about different oratorical techniques and language styles. Finally, topics for the event were selected on crucial and exciting developments in the financial industry such as fintech and innovations in financial inclusion initiatives, and ongoing issues such as the smart usage of credit and debit cards, and ethics and professionalism in financial practices.

The winners of Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor 2017 were awarded RM5000 (Champion), RM3000 (first runner up) and RM2000 (second runner up) cash prizes respectively. They also received a trophy, certificates of participation and books published by DBP.

Preceding Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor were two semi-final events on 12 and 13 July. The Bank welcomed the participation from twelve foreign financial institutions this year to this event celebrating our National language. Pertandingan Pidato Piala Gabenor is open to all staff from financial institutions.

[L-R] Abdul Hadi Abdul Apet, second place winner, Jushua Meta Anak Nully, first place winner and Mohammad Akmal Shuib, third place winner.

Encik Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour, Timbalan Gabenor BNM with first place winner, Jushua Meta Anak Nully, of CIMB Bank Berhad. 

Bank Negara Malaysia
14 Jul 2017

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