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SC & BNM Establish Joint Working Group to Accelerate Digitisation of Stockbroking Industry

Ref No : 03/18/04 15 Mar 2018 Embargo : For immediate release    

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) today established the Brokerage Industry Digitisation Group (BRIDGe), a joint working group between the regulators and industry to accelerate digitisation of the stockbroking industry.

The announcement was made at the launch of the SC Annual Report 2017.

BRIDGe aims to accelerate the digitisation of the brokerage industry to enhance operational efficiencies and service standards. The group will encompass the SC, BNM, and the industry participants including the brokers and banking institutions.

The SC and BNM share a common aim to drive digitisation within the Malaysian financial industry. There are opportunities to innovate across the intermediation value chain and reduce cost in both the brokerage and banking sectors. Therefore, it is important for the regulators to collaborate with industry to create greater value for the customers, as well as for the long-term development of the market.

Bank Negara Malaysia
Securities Commission Malaysia
15 March 2018


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