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Financial Stability and Payment Systems Report 2009

PEN: 03/10/08 (BN)

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The complete book [PDF 873K]

Letter of Transmittal [PDF 30K]

Contents [PDF 37K]

Governor's Statement [PDF 43K]

Executive Summary [PDF 61K]


Financial Stability Report

Chapter 1: Risk Assessment of the Financial System [PDF 375K]

Chapter 2: Development of the Financial Sector  [PDF 141K]

Chapter 3: Prudential Regulation and Supervisory Framework [PDF 138K]


Payment Systems Report

Chapter 4: Payment and Settlement Systems [PDF 110K]

Annex [PDF 144K]


Key Financial and Payment Systems Statistics

Banking System

A.1 Sources and Uses of Funds of the Financial System [PDF 43K]

A.2 Banking System: Income and Expenditure [PDF 40K]

A.3 Commercial Banks: Income and Expenditure [PDF 42K]

A.4 Investment Banks: Income and Expenditure [PDF 40K]

A.5 Islamic Banking System: Income and Expenditure [PDF 41K]

A.6 Banking System: Key Data [PDF 41K]

A.7 Commercial Banks: Commitments and Contingencies [PDF 41K]

A.8 Investment Banks: Commitments and Contingencies [PDF 42K]


Insurance Sector

Insurance Sector : Life Insurance Business

A.9 Life Insurance: Income and Outgo [PDF 42K]


Insurance Sector : General Insurance Business

A.10 General Insurance: Underwriting and Operating Results [PDF 34K]


Takaful Sector

Takaful Sector : Family Takaful Business

A.11 Family Takaful: Income and Outgo [PDF 34K]


Takaful Sector : General Takaful Business

A.12 General Takaful: Underwriting and Operating Results [PDF 34K]


Development Financial Institutions

A.13 Development Financial Institutions: Sources and Uses of Funds [PDF 41K]

A.14 Development Financial Institutions under DFIA: Sources and Uses of Funds [PDF 42K]

A.15 Development Financial Institutions: Direction of Lending [PDF 40K]

A.16 Development Financial Institutions under DFIA: Direction of Lending [PDF 41K]

A.17 Development Financial Institutions under DFIA: Non-performing Loans and Loan Loss Provisions [PDF 41K]

A.18 Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad [PDF 41K]

A.19 Bank Perusahaan Kecil & Sederhana Malaysia Berhad (SME Bank) [PDF 41K]

A.20 Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad [PDF 34K]

A.21 Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad [PDF 41K]

A.22 Bank Simpanan Nasional [PDF 38K]

A.23 Bank Pertanian Malaysia (Agrobank) [PDF 40K]

A.24 Development Financial Institutions: Selected Data [PDF 33K]


Household Sector

A.25 Household Sector: Selected Indicators [PDF 33K]


Payment and Settlement Systems

A.26 Basic Payments Indicator [PDF 35K]

A.27 Usage of Various Cashless Payments [PDF 31K]

A.28 Usage of Various Cashless Payment Channels [PDF 39K]

A.29 Usage of Various Cashless Payment Systems [PDF 32K]

A.30 Purchase Transactions Using Credit Card and Debit Card by Business Activities in 2009 [PDF 32K]

A.31 Payment and Securities Transfer Instructions Handled by RENTAS [PDF 40K]

A.32 Number of Electronic Fund Transfer at Point-of-Sale (EFTPOS) Terminals [PDF 38K]

A.33 Number of Cards and Users of Payment Instruments and Channels [PDF 38K]

A.34 Total Outward and Inward Remittance [PDF 39K]

A.35 Number of Participants and Instrument Users [PDF 40K]


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