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Kertas Kajian & Kerja

Kertas Kerja

  • Logistic Regression Models for Malaysian Housing Loan Default Prediction by Foo Lee Kien, Chua Sook Ling, Daniel Chin and Muhamad Kamal Firdaus
  • Macroeconomic Surveillance of Portfolio Flows and its Real Effects: Malaysia’s Experience (by Tng Boon Hwa, Mala Raghavan and Teh Tian Huey)
  • Bilateral Export Trade, Outward and Inward FDI: A Dynamic Gravity Model Approach Using Sectoral Data from Malaysia (by Tham Siew Yean, Goh Soo Khoon, Wong Koi Nyen, Ahmad Fadhli)
  • Global Commodity Prices, Inflation and Monetary Policy: A Study of Selected Commodity Exporters and Importers (by Eilyn Chong, Helmi Ramlee and Jay Sern Tan)
  • Implications of Evolving Household Balance Sheets for Private Consumption in Malaysia (by Dhruva Murugasu, Chang Wen Huei, Tng Boon Hwa)
  • The Transmission of Financial Stress and Interactions with Monetary Policy Responses in the ASEAN-5 Economies (by Tng Boon Hwa)
  • Global Commodity Prices and Inflation Dynamics in Malaysia (by Kue-Peng Chuah, Eilyn Chong and Jay-Sern Tan)
  • Estimating Malaysia’s Output Gap: Have We Closed the Gap? (by Chuah Lay Lian and Nur Ain Shahrier)
  • Global Monetary Easing: Spillovers and Lines of Defence (by Wang Sheair Chua, Norhana Endut, Nozlan Khadri, Wee Haw Sim)
  • The Marginal Propensity to Consume across Household Income Groups (by Dhruva Murugasu, Ang Jian Wei, Tng Boon Hwa)
  • External Risks and Macro-Financial Linkages in the ASEAN-5 Economies (by Tng Boon Hwa)

  • Kertas Kajian

  • Corporate demand for general takaful in Malaysia by Hamim Syahrum Ahmad Mokhtar, Izwayu Abdul Aziz and Noraziyah Md Hilal
  • Household credit, growth and inequality in Malaysia: does the type of credit matter? (by Jiaming Soh, Amanda Chong and Kue-Peng Chuah)
  • Rich Debt, Poor Debt - Assessing Household Indebtedness and Debt Servicing Capacity (by Muhamad Shukri Abdul Rani, Siti Hanifah Borhan Nordin, Chin Ching Lau, Sheng Ling Lim and Zhen Shing Siow)
  • Surplus-Sharing Practices of Takaful Operators in Malaysia (by Hamim Syahrum Ahmad Mokhtar, Izwayu Abdul Aziz and Noraziyah Md. Hilal)
  • Potential Output and the Output Gap in Malaysia
  • Determinants of Financial Performance: The Case of General Takaful and Insurance Companies in Malaysia (by Muhaizam Ismail)
  • Variations in Household Propensity to Consume across Income Segments
  • Responsiveness of the Malaysian Government Securities Yield Curve to Movements of Sovereign Bond Yields Abroad