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Governor's Remarks at the Kijang Emas Scholarship Award Ceremony for High Achievers - “Growing Our Nation’s Best”

Speaker: Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim, FCB Venue: Bank Negara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Language: Speech Date: 25 May 2017

Terlebih dahulu syukur kita ke hadarat Allah s.w.t kerana dapat bersama-sama berkumpul pada majlis Anugerah Biasiswa Kijang Emas yang murni hasratnya ini. Majlis ini merupakan satu pengiktirafan Bank Negara Malaysia khusus untuk pelajar-pelajar cemerlang di seluruh negara dan menjadi iltizam Bank untuk terus memberikan sokongan dan penekanan ke atas pelaburan modal insan yang berkualiti, berintegriti dan berwawasan.

Anugerah Kijang Emas yang diperkenalkan pada tahun 2005  bertujuan untuk memberi peluang kepada pelajar lepasan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia yang berpotensi tinggi untuk dipupuk sebagai insan yang berwibawa dan mempunyai kompetensi dalam usaha negara untuk melahirkan kumpulan pakar dan tenaga mahir yang akan menjana pertumbuhan perkembangan ekonomi pada masa akan datang.

Biasiswa Kijang Emas ini hanya dianugerahkan kepada pelajar terbaik di Malaysia yang mendapat pencapaian akademik yang cemerlang di samping penglibatan yang aktif dalam aktiviti ko-kurikulum dan sukan. Pemberian biasiswa ini akan memberi peluang kepada mereka untuk melanjutkan pengajian dalam bidang yang diminati di universiti terkemuka dunia dan tidak dikenakan sebarang ikatan melainkan pulang ke Malaysia setelah tamat pengajian untuk berkhidmat kepada negara.

Antara bidang pengajian yang dipilih oleh penerima-penerima Biasiswa Kijang Emas sebelum ini adalah dalam bidang Perubatan, Kejuruteraan, Kajian Diet, Pergigian, Bio-kimia, Genetik, Senibina, Psikologi dan Geofizik di universiti terkemuka di dunia seperti MIT, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania dan University of Cambridge.

Penerima Biasiswa Kijang Emas juga diberi peluang untuk mengikuti bidang pengajian pilihan mereka, termasuk bidang pengajian yang bukan konvensional. Sejak tahun 2005, Bank Negara Malaysia telah menganugerahkan Biasiswa Kijang Emas kepada 51 pelajar. Setakat ini, seramai 27 penerima telah menamatkan pengajian pada peringkat sarjana muda, manakala selebihnya masih mengikuti pengajian mereka di universiti-universiti terkemuka di luar negara.

This year, the Bank received applications from 86% of the 102 students who scored straight A+. Subsequently, 16 of the best students were shortlisted for Kijang Academy, a rigorous and holistic scholarship assessment in mid-April.

I would like to congratulate the 2017 Kijang Emas Scholarship recipients for their academic excellence and their exemplary achievements in co-curricular activities and sports. The recipients for this year’s Kijang Emas Scholarship are Amir Farish Bin Abdullah, Nor Fatihah Akma Binti Abd Manaf and Hareneshkaran Kirubakaran with diverse interests, ranging from locomotive engineering, virology and medicine. All of you are truly the “cream of the crop”. I would also like to take this opportunity to recognise your parents, families and teachers for their support and guidance in nurturing your talents. All of your success is a culmination of their collective efforts, steadfast support and encouragement.

Today marks the beginning of an exciting chapter of your life in the quest for knowledge and continued excellence. As you embark on this journey, my experience suggests that a person needs to stretch beyond perceived capabilities to fully realise one's “potential” in becoming a useful member of society.  Empirical evidence conducted on “potential”, conclusively points to four factors that influence the growth of a person. The “growth factors”, have strong correlation in a person becoming a successful leader, including, having the curiosity and eagerness to learn, thinking beyond boundaries, social understanding and empathy, and emotional balance. These “growth factors”, which I will elaborate on further, will provide the right mindset to enable the development of character, and push ourselves to realise ambitions that are beyond our greatest dreams.

The Nobel Laureate, Albert Einstein famously said “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. I strongly believe that being intellectually curious will provide immense opportunities to acquire knowledge especially if you are enrolled in the top universities.  Do learn from the top minds in your chosen field of study. Use technology to also deepen your learning. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg was quoted as saying, “Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can”. With technological advancement, information is now at our fingertips and our daily lives are constantly influenced by it.

Think beyond boundaries, be adventurous and embrace diversity by learning from various disciplines. For example, Elon Musk, an entrepreneur, known as a great believer in future-oriented technologies, studied both physics and business in university. His knowledge of both fields enabled him to build businesses that have transformed industries. Tesla Motors pioneered self-driving cars and the SpaceX project, which involved the designing and manufacturing of advanced rockets and spacecraft.  Multiple disciplines, combined with curiosity and diversity, provide breadth and depth in one's perspectives, as it heightens the probability of generating new ideas and creativity. Another famous example I would like to share is Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc., who was curious to learn calligraphy when he was young, even though there was no practical application of the knowledge at that time. Ten years later, while building the first Macintosh computer, he applied his knowledge of calligraphy and designed the beautiful typography that we are so familiar with today.

Understanding others and their different perspectives are critical as well. Diverse perspectives should be looked upon as opportunities to learn. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors Company once said: “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own”.

Having social and interpersonal skills which aid us in engaging others can help us build stronger and more meaningful relationships in life. These are all learnable skills. They open up opportunities to make friends from all over the world and learn from people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The future is unknown, and along the way, challenges are inevitable. One must have the resilience and the optimism. The acid test of our mettle is when we face adversity and are measured by how we are able to bounce back and learn from our missteps. There are many examples of highly successful individuals whose paths to success were marked with failures but whose journeys continue to inspire us, even today. These include leaders, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs. It was their ability to recover from setbacks and challenges that had driven them to achieve great success.

Berdasarkan bakat dan potensi yang dimiliki sepertimana yang ditunjukkan semasa proses penilaian biasiswa, dan juga pendedahan yang akan dilalui, kami yakin penerima-penerima Biasiswa Kijang Emas akan terus cemerlang dalam bidang pengajian yang dipilih dan bakal menjadi aset penting untuk negara. Peluang yang diberikan hendaklah dimanfaatkan dengan sepenuhnya dan kami berdoa agar anda semua akan mencapai kejayaan. Akhir kata, sekali lagi saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada semua penerima Anugerah Biasiswa Kijang Emas 2017.

Jiwa kental semangat teguh
Azimat petua untuk berjaya
Siapkan mental usaha bersungguh
Agar dipupuk insan berguna.

Biasiswa Kijang Emas nama diberi
Untuk pelajar yang bijak bistari
Walau di mana ilmu dicari
Pelihara budaya dan jatidiri

For further information on the Kijang Emas Scholarship Award, please refer to the following document:

Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim sharing a light moment with Bank Negara Malaysia's Kijang Emas scholars (from L to R) Fatihan Akma binti Abd Manaf, Hareneshkaran Kirubakaran and Amir Farish bin Abdullah.

Governor Muhammad bin Ibrahim with Bank Negara Malaysia's Kijang Emas scholars (from L to R) Hareneshkaran Kirubakaran, Fatihan Akma binti Abd Manaf and Amir Farish bin Abdullah.


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