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Procurement Notices

Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Dismantling of Equipment and Machines Related Products for Bank Negara Malaysia

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) is inviting qualified and experienced tenderers to participate in the above-mentioned tender.

Mandatory Requirements

Only tenderers with the following criteria will be considered:

  1. Is a Malaysian registered business;
  2. At least 3 years’ experience in the business of supplying and delivering OEM items; and
  3. Recorded a positive net worth in the latest financial year account.

Scope of Services

The tender packages under the scope of services are as follow:  

  1. Equipment and Machines;
  2. Electrical Appliances; and
  3. Other Equipment

Tenderers are expected to supply, deliver, install, test, commission and dismantle (if applicable) of the Equipment and Machines products to locations specified by BNM.

The summary of the product based on the categories are listed in Appendix A.

Issuance of Tender Documents

Interested tenderer can request for tender documents through e-mail, addressed to cssprocure@bnm.gov.my, under the subject heading “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Dismantling of Equipment and Machines Products for Bank Negara Malaysia” from 2 - 13 November 2017 enclosed with a scanned copy of the Business Registration Certificate (Form 9/13 or D/E) including Forms 24 and 49.

Submission of Tender Documents

All tender proposals shall be completed, signed and enclosed in a sealed envelope with the label, “Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing and Dismantling of Equipment and Machines (OEM) Items for Bank Negara Malaysia”, Name of Company and Name of Chief Executive Officer of the Company)”, printed on the top-left hand corner of the envelope. The deadline to submit the tender proposals is on 13 November 2017 at 12.00 noon.

All tender proposals shall be addressed to the Director, Centralised Shared Services Management Office, BNM and directly deposited by the tenderers in the assigned Tender Box located at:-

Tender Deposit Room
Main Lobby Ground Floor, Sasana Kijang
2, Jalan Dato’ Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur

BNM shall not be responsible for any delay in the submission of any tender proposals nor lost of the related documents should they be submitted through any other means than that stipulated by the Bank. Proof of posting shall not be accepted as evidence of the tenderer’s submission of proposal. BNM will also not be responsible for any cost incurred by the tenderers in relation to their participation in this tender exercise.

BNM reserves the right to reject any tender proposals, which do not comply with the Bank’s requirements.

All enquiries relating to the tender shall be made in writing through e-mail to cssprocure@bnm.gov.my.


Appendix A

No. Items/ Products Product Specifications Est. Qty (Units) Delivery Locations
 Tender A – Equipment & Machines
i. Stand Fans Brand: Panasonic
Model: F-MX405
Colour: Champagne/ Gris Fonce Brown/ Purplish Blue
33 Head Office
ii. Ceiling Fans with Regulator Brand: KDK
Model: K15V0
Colour: White
Fan/Rod: 60”/150 cm
34 Security Quarters, Kuching
Tender B – Electrical Appliances
i. Single-door Refrigerators Brand: Panasonic
Model: NR-AF162SN
3 Head Office (1 Unit)
BNM Pulau Pinang (2 Units)
ii. 2-doors Refrigerators (Bottom freezer) Brand: Panasonic
Model: NR-BV328XS
1 Staff House, Pulau Pinang
iii. 2-doors Refrigerators
(Top freezer)
Brand: Panasonic
Model: NR-BL348VSMY
42 Security Quarters, Subang Jaya (17 units)
Security Quarters, Shah Alam (22 units)
Security Quarters, Tun Perak (3 units)
Tender C – Other Equipment
i. White Boards
  1. Size: 120 cm (L) & 90 cm (H)
  2. Single sided white board
  3. Magnetic
  4. With stand
12 HQ (11 Units)
BNM KK (1 Unit)
  1. Size: 6.3 ft x 4.2 ft
  2. Single sided white board
  3. Magnetic
  4. Without stand (wall mounted)
2 OSeM, Lanai Kijang (2 units)