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Procurement Notices

Request for Proposal (RFP) from Market Research Companies to Conduct a Demand-side Retail Payment Costs Study.


Bank Negara Malaysia (the Bank) invites competent market research companies to submit a comprehensive proposal to conduct a demand-side Retail Payment Costs Study, which encompasses the collection and processing of consumer, businesses and governments data for Malaysia.

Mandatory Requirements

Interested market research companies must meet the following mandatory requirements:

  1. Must have presence in Malaysia;
  2. Must at least have three (3) years’ experience in conducting market research in Malaysia, with at least five (5) projects related to consumer preference and behaviour; and
  3. Positive net worth for the past three (3) years.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Document

Interested companies can email the following officers for the RFP document:

Cik Hasanah Mahmud
Jabatan Dasar Sistem Pembayaran
Bank Negara Malaysia
Tel : 03-2698 8044 ext 8178
E-mail :

En. Ahmad Shazwan Mohd Kharip Shah
Jabatan Dasar Sistem Pembayaran
Bank Negara Malaysia
Tel : 03-2698 8044 ext 8136
E-mail :

Submission and Closing Date

The proposal shall be duly completed, signed and enclosed in a sealed envelope marked “Demand-side Retail Payment Costs Study (RPC)” on the top left hand corner of the sealed envelope and submit in Tender Box A at the following address not later than 5 January 2018, 6.00 p.m.:

Jabatan Dasar Sistem Pembayaran
Lobby, Block A
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato’ Onn
50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Document submitted must include:

  • The Proposal Document separately contained in a sealed envelope (Envelope A) - with necessary mandatory supporting documents, demand-side RPC proposal, and timeline for implementation;
  • Proposed Fees/Costing separately contained in a different sealed envelope (Envelope B); and
  • Envelope A and B shall be submitted together in ONE (1) sealed envelope.

The submission must be made to BNM in one (1) hardcopy and one (1) in softcopy (at least in Microsoft Word 2003) in CD media.

Should you have any enquiries please call or email Cik Hasanah Mahmud or En. Ahmad Shazwan Mohd Kharip Shah, which their contact details are stated above.