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Overseas Account (OA) Report

The Overseas Account (OA) Report is a monthly report which records all debit and credit items effected through an overseas account maintained by a resident company with a bank outside Malaysia, including a licensed offshore bank in Labuan. The data from the OA Report is used as input for the compilation of Malaysia's Balance of Payments (BOP).

The report is submitted by resident companies selected by Bank Negara Malaysia (the Bank) where such transactions of the companies are deemed significant by the Bank for BOP purposes. The Bank shall notify the resident company in writing if it requires the company to submit the OA Report.

The Bank is empowered to collect information from any individual and company for BOP purposes under Section 78 of the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 2009 (CBA). The CBA provides assurance that the information provided by any individual or company shall be kept strictly confidential by the Bank. 


19 Jun 2017
Launch of Quarter 2, 2017 BNM-DOSM Joint International Investment Position Reporting

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