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Image of the 50 sen coin obverse and reverse

50 sen
Sulur Kacang

The 'sulur kacang' (pea tendrils) motif featured on the new 50 sen coin is popular among traditional woodcarvers and silversmiths. The motif is drawn from the graceful twists and curls of long bean vines, and can be seen embellishing fine jewellery pieces and boxes, in addition to decorating doorways, window frames and wood paneling in traditional wooden homes. Fine lines in the motif background are part of the security features.

Security Feature

Latent Image of the denomination 50 sen can be seen when the coin is tilted slightly.

Image of 50 sen security features called Latent Image

Technical Specifications

Face Value

50 sen

20 sen

10 sen

5 sen


Nickel Brass Clad Copper

Nickel Brass

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Diameter (mm)





Weight (gram)






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50 sen : Sulur Kacang
20 sen : Bunga Melur
10 sen : Orang Asli Motif
5 sen : Destar Siga
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