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Guideline on Dye-Stained Banknotes

Release Date: 27 Aug 2013

Issuance Date
26 August 2013

Effective Date
26 August 2013

FIs and their outsourced CITs who are involved in the replenishment of ATMs for using CPD in their ATMs/CDMs.

This Guideline sets out:

  1. the conditions under which BNM will give value for dye-stained banknotes;
  2. the manner by which FIs should handle dye-stained banknotes submitted by members of public as deposits or payments;
  3. the submission procedure to BNM for assessment of dye-stained banknotes; and
  4. requirement to inform and advise members of the public, cash handlers and retailers on the use of CPD by FIs to deter ATM robberies and to facilitate the removal of dye-stained banknotes from circulation.

Issuing Department
Currency Management and Operations Department

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