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Understanding the Investment Account: A new Islamic banking offering

Release Date: 17 May 2016

Investment Account (IA) is a new banking product offered by Islamic banking institutions. It provides the opportunity for the customer to invest in and share the profits from Shariah-compliant investment activities. IA caters for a wide range of investor risk return preferences that reflect the underlying assets performance. Investors have the option of placing the funds in IA that match their risk appetite.

To learn more about IA, please download these documents:

  1. Leaflet on IA [English] [Bahasa Melayu] [Mandarin] [Tamil]
  2. IA Frequently Asked Questions [PDF, 592KB]

In embracing the financial technology (fintech) revolution, six Islamic banking institutions collaborated to launch the Investment Account Platform (IAP) in February 2016. IAP is the first bank-intermediated fintech platform that combines the expertise of Islamic banking institutions and efficiency of technology to channel funds from investors to viable economic ventures. Target ventures include those from small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and other ventures in innovative and new growth areas.

Please visit the IAP website at to discover more about IAP.

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