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Change to PIN-based payment cards for more secure payment transactions

Release Date: 28 Oct 2016

Banking institutions and non-bank payment card issuers are currently replacing the existing signature-based payment cards with the new Personal Identification Number (PIN) based card.  Similar to ATM transactions, cardholders will be required to enter a 6-digit PIN when making payment card transactions at the merchants’ POS terminals.

This is aimed to further enhance the security of the use of payment cards at the merchants’s Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals.

Members of the public are urged to replace their signature based debit, credit, prepaid and charge cards (payment cards) with PIN based payment cards by 1 January 2017.

If you have not obtained your new PIN based payment cards, please contact or visit your bank or non-bank payment card issuer immediately. The new payment cards will be replaced free of charge.

This will allow you a six month period to adapt to the usage of PIN-based cards at the merchants’ POS terminals.

With effect from 1 July 2017 all payment card transactions conducted using locally issued payment cards at POS terminals in Malaysia can only be completed with a PIN entry. Signature verification will no longer be facilitated.

Using new PIN-based payment cards

Cardholders who have received the new PIN-based payment cards are advised to activate the PIN-based payment cards.

Please select your PIN and start using the PIN-based payment cards at merchants’ POS terminals. Prior to travelling overseas, cardholders are also advised to contact their bank or non-bank payment card issuers for advice on the usage of PIN-based payment cards overseas.

Cardholders should safeguard their PIN and not to disclose the PIN to anyone. In conducting payment transactions, cardholders are also advised to cover the keypad when entering their PIN. The usage of PIN is safer than signature so long as the PIN is kept confidential by cardholders.

In the event a payment card is lost or stolen or there is any compromise to the PIN, cardholders are reminded to immediately report to their banks or non-bank payment card issuers.

For further information, please read the attached Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs) on the migration to PIN-based payment cards and also visit the PIN and Pay website at and the websites of payment card networks as follows:

For enquiries or assistance on conducting PIN payment transactions, the public can contact their respective banks and non-bank payment service providers at the customer service helplines listed here

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