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Circulation Currency

RM50 (Fourth series) - July 2009

RM50 General 1The RM50 banknote retains the predominant colour of green-blue. The main theme of the design is the National Mission where the first thrust is "to move the economy up the value chain." It reflects Malaysia's economic transformation to higher value-added activities in the agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors of the economy.

Design patterns from songket weaving, which are in the background and edges of the banknote, are featured to reflect the traditional Malaysian textile’s handicraft and embroidery.

Security Feature

Click on any of the numbered features on the notes below for further detail:

Braille feature (1)

Braille feature of the diamond shape marking with a layer of tactile ink printed in intaglio can be felt by touching.

Section 1 of the obverse of the note:

Watermark portrait with electrotype highlight (2)

The Watermark Portrait can be recognised by tints that are lighter or darker than the surrounding paper. This watermark portrait which has a three-dimensional effect appears without sharp outlines. At the base of the watermark, the numeral 50 is clearly visible.

Section 2 of the obverse of the note:

Perfect see-through register (3)

Perfect See-Through Register feature where the graphic songket design on the obverse side of the note will register perfectly with the same graphic songket design on the reverse side when it is held against the light.

Section 3 of the obverse of the note:

Multicolour latent image (4)

Multicolour Latent Image of the denomination 50 can be seen when the banknote is tilted slightly and the colour changes when it is rotated.

Section 4 of the obverse of the note:

[b] When tilted slightly or rotated

Intaglio print (5)

Intaglio Print is a raised printing effect produced by applying layers of tactile inks on various parts of the front and reverse sides of the notes, such as the portrait of the First Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong, denomination figures, design elements and the wording 'Bank Negara Malaysia'.

Section 5 of the obverse of the note:

Holographic stripe (6)

Holographic Stripe features the denomination 50 and the hibiscus flower, with a multi-coloured pumping and matt-structure effect when the banknote is tilted slightly.

Section 6 of the obverse of the note:

The colour shifting security thread (7)

The Security Thread is embedded in the paper and appears on the reverse side of the note as coloured intermittent lines. When the note is held against the light, it is seen as a continuous dark coloured line and contains repeated text reading RM50 BNM. When the note is tilted, the colour of the thread changes from red to green and vice versa.

Section 7 of the reverse of the note:

Fluorescent elements visible under ultra violet light

Invisible Fluorescent Elements can be seen through various parts of the background on the obverse and reverse side of the banknote and will fluoresce in different colours when viewed under ultra-violet light.

Image and text on holographic stripe (6)

Text and logo (7)

A rectangle showing the text BNM 50 with the stag motif, and repeated texts on security thread reading RM50 BNM. On the obverse side of the note, the thread can be seen as a continuous yellow fluorescent line.

Section 7 of the reverse of the note:

Security fibres (8)

The security fibres in the paper in three colours: red, yellow and blue

Section 8 of the reverse of the note:

Two-colour fluorescent elements (9)

Complex design numeric '50' on the reverse which can be seen in green and red.

Section 9 of the reverse of the note:

Numbering (10)

The numbers fluoresce under ultra-violet light.

Section 10 of the reverse of the note:

Micro printing (7, 11, 12, 13)

Micro-Letterings can be viewed under a magnifying glass.

Micro-text in Security Thread (7)

Background Micro-Letterings (11)

Intaglio Micro-Letterings (12)

Intaglio Micro-Letterings (13)