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Historical Background

The Third Series


Satu Ringgit
Dua Ringgit
Lima Ringgit
Sepuluh Ringgit
Lima Puluh Ringgit
Satu Ratus Ringgit

On 5 February 1996, Bank Negara Malaysia introduced the RM2 banknote, which was the first denomination of a new Malaysian banknote to be designed with the Vision 2020 theme. Depictions of the country’s rapid economic development and achievements were introduced for the first time in the banknotes of this series. The other denominations were issued as follows:

Currency Denomination Date of Issue
RM10 19 January 1998
RM50 20 July 1998
RM100 26 October 1998
RM5 27 September 1999
RM1 8 November 2000


A number of security features were introduced in this series of banknotes. There are rainbow-coloured security threads printed with `BNM’ and the respective denominations on the banknotes, as well as three-dimensional watermark portraits. Additionally, the banknotes have an anti-duplication feature known as PEAK (Printed and Embossed Anti-copy Key), a fibre thread and a novel serial number that is printed vertically at the top left corner in black pendarfluor magnetic ink and horizontally on the right in red pendarfluor ink. The RM10, RM50 and RM100 banknotes have an extra feature, an optical variable holographic band known as LEAD (Long-lasting Economical Anti-copy Device).

The currency images featured in this website are not necessarily printed in actual size. Separate measurements are given according to the importance of items shown.
Further information on the history of Malaysian currency is available in a book titled “Malaysian Numismatic Heritage” (ISBN-983-9586-36-X).

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