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Historical Background

The Second Series

The second series of coins for normal circulation was issued on 4 September 1989. The technical specifications of these coins were the same as for the first series, except that the one Ringgit of the second series was smaller in size and made of a copper-zinc-tin alloy.

The Malaysian traditional artefacts depicted on the obverse of the coin are as follows:

Denomination Artefact
1 sen Giant Drum
5 sen Spinning Top
10 sen Congkak (a traditional game)
20 sen Tepak Sireh (betel leaf box)
50 sen Kite
1 ringgit Keris against a songket background

The currency images featured in this website are not necessarily printed in actual size. Separate measurements are given according to the importance of items shown.
Further information on the history of Malaysian currency is available in a book titled “Malaysian Numismatic Heritage” (ISBN-983-9586-36-X).

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