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The Kijang Emas Gold Bullion Coins

Malaysia is the 12th country in the world to issue its own gold bullion coin. The Kijang Emas now joins the ranks of other international gold bullion coins.

The design of the obverse of the Kijang Emas depicts a barking deer ("kijang") in its natural habitat in the Malaysian jungle. The reverse side features the hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia.

1 Troy ounce

Kijang Emas RM200

Face value: RM200
Gold Purity: 99.99%
Standard weight: 31.105g
Diameter: 37.00 mm

The purchase and reselling price of Kijang Emas is determined by the prevailing international gold market price. The daily market price is posted on the Bank's web site.

The Kijang Emas is minted by Kilang Wang Bank Negara Malaysia and distributed by Maybank Berhad, which will also entertain further enquiries.