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Establishment of the Financial Markets Committee

Ref No : 05/16/04 13 May 2016 Embargo : Not for publication or broadcast before 1200 hours on Friday 13 May 2016
Bank Negara Malaysia is pleased to announce the establishment of the Financial Markets Committee (The Committee). The Committee is established with the objective to broaden industry engagement with a focus in reviewing and formulating comprehensive strategies for the wholesale financial markets to meet the diverse and complex demands of a more developed and internationally integrated economy.
The Committee shall comprise of participants/representatives from Bank Negara Malaysia, financial institutions, corporations, financial service providers and other institutions or stakeholders which has prominent role or participation in the financial markets.
The Committee also aims to provide a senior-level forum for market participants to meet regularly to discuss matters and potential issues and risk relating to the development of Malaysian financial market.

Bank Negara Malaysia
13 May 2016

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