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Bank Negara Malaysia Annual Report 2018

PEN: 03/19/06  

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The complete book [PDF 2.3M]

Statutory Requirements
Governor's Statement
Key Highlights
Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Economic Developments in 2018

Chapter 2: Monetary and Financial Conditions in 2018 

Chapter 3: Monetary Policy in 2018

Chapter 4: Outlook and Policy in 2019 

Chapter 5: Governance and Organisational Development

Chapter 6: Board of Directors, Senior Management and Committees of the Bank

Chapter 7: Annual Financial Statements 

Annex [PDF 188K]
Key Economic and Financial Statistics

National Accounts

A.1 Gross Domestic Product by Kind of Economic Activity at Constant 2010 Prices
A.2 Growth in Manufacturing Production (2015=100)
A.3 Services Sector Performance at Constant 2010 Prices
A.4 GNI by Demand Aggregates
A.5 Savings-Investment Gap

External Sector 

A.6 Balance of Payments 
A.7 Gross Exports 
A.8 Gross Imports
A.9 Malaysia’s Trading Partners
A.10 Outstanding External Debt and Debt Servicing

Consumer and Producer Prices Index

A.11 Consumer Price Index
A.12 Producer Price Index

Monetary and Financial Indicators

A.13 Broad Money (M3)
A.14 Money Supply: Annual Change and Growth Rates
A.15 Interest Rates (%)
A.16 Movements of the Ringgit
A.17 Financing of the Economy

Public Finance

A.18 Consolidated Public Sector Finance

Glossary, Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chart datapack for Annual Report 2018

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