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Financial Sector Blueprint 2011 - 2020

All the documents here are in Portable Document File (PDF) format.

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Full book [PDF, 6.66MB]
Introduction [PDF, 200KB]
- Foreword by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance
- Message from the Governor
Overview [PDF, 2.1MB]
- Global and domestic landscape
- Evolution of the Malaysian financial sector
- Vision for the financial sector
- Structure of the financial sector in 2020
The financial sector that best serves the Malaysian economy [PDF, 1.4 MB]
- Effective intermediation for a high value-added and high-income economy
- Developing deep and dynamic financial markets
- Financial inclusion for greater shared prosperity
Enhancing regional and international financial linkages [PDF, 1MB]
- Strengthening regional and international financial integration
- Internationalisation of Islamic finance
Safeguarding the stability of the financial system [PDF, 361KB]
- The regulatory and supervisory regime
- Raising the standards of governance and risk management
- Regulation and greater regional and international integration
Key enablers for the development of the financial system [PDF, 1MB]
- Electronic payments for greater economic efficiency
- Empowering consumers
- Talent development to support a more dynamic financial sector
List of recommendations [PDF, 119KB]
- List of recommendations