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Monthly Highlights & Statistics

This monthly publication comprises two main components. First, the publication of the 'Monthly Highlights' report which features key issues surrounding domestic economic and financial developments for the month. Second, the release of monthly data covering areas such as the consolidated balance sheet of the Malaysian banking system, financial markets, insurance and takaful, the external sector and other macroeconomic indicators. Taken together, these publications aim to be the primary source for monthly updates and statistics on economic and financial developments.

Selected issues of this publication are available in PDF format. Please select one from the menu below :



Date Release
31 May 2018 Monthly Highlights and Statistics April 2018
30 Apr 2018 Monthly Highlights and Statistics March 2018
30 Mar 2018 Monthly Highlights and Statistics February 2018
28 Feb 2018 Monthly Highlights and Statistics January 2018

NOTE: The print version (hardcopy) will no longer be published for distribution or sale.

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