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Financial Inclusion

Financial Products and Services

In meeting the diverse financial needs of all segments of the society, particularly the underserved and rural community, Bank Negara Malaysia promotes the use of technology as well as the provision of accessible and innovative products and services by financial institutions.

Network of Financial Access Points

High accessibility to financial services

A financial access point is a place that provides minimum financial services of accepting deposit and facilitating withdrawal of funds by customers. Financial access points include bank branches, mobile units of the financial institution, deposit and withdrawal electronic terminals and bank agents.

All districts and 96% of sub-districts are served by bank branches and agent banks

For more information on bank branches, visit the website of the respective financial institution.

For the list of agent banks appointed by the participating financial institutions, visit the following website:

Internet and Mobile Banking

A well-functioning payment system is crucial for the efficient operation of the financial market as well as to support the Malaysian economy. As such, the promotion of a safe, secure and efficient payment system is an important objective of Bank Negara Malaysia.


Accessible Products and Services

Basic Banking Services

Basic Savings Accounts (BSA) and Basic Current Accounts (BCA) are offered at all banking institutions to Malaysians and permanent residents. These accounts can be opened under individual or joint names. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) particularly the micro enterprises are also eligible to apply for BCAs. BSA and BCA operate in the same way as the ordinary savings or current accounts except that these accounts enable you to perform only basic transactions and at a minimal cost or for free.

For more information, download Guide on Basic Savings and Current Accounts [PDF, 5.31 MB]


Financing amount of up to RM50,000 and without collateral, Pembiayaan Mikro are offered to micro enterprises and self employed individuals in a fast, easy and convenient manner by 10 participating financial institutions.

For more information, refer  to the Access to Financing for Micro Enterprise Section.


Long-term contractual microsavings with low committed periodical savings and favourable terms is currently being piloted by financial institutions  to inculcate a healthy savings habit, particularly the low income households.

Microinsurance and Microtakaful

Small valued insurance and takaful products which are cost effective, accessible and easy to understand are currently being piloted by some insurers and takaful operators to protect all segments of the society, particularly the low income households against unexpected adverse events.


Remittance services are provided by banking institutions and non-bank remittance service providers (RSPs) through branches and/or authorised remittance agents. Licensed non-bank RSPs  operate in strategic locations nationwide, including rural areas and offer services beyond normal business hours.

SME Financing

A holistic SME financing ecosystem was created to provide avenues for SMEs to seek information, advice and redress, as well as assistance through debt resolution and management. 

For more information on SME financing, refer to the Financing for SMEs Section.

Payment Services

Electronic payments (e-payments) play a pivotal role in facilitating a more convenient, secure and cost-effective means of conducting payments over paper-based payment instruments. The benefits of migrating to e-payments are not only limited to financial efficiency gains but also the promotion of an inclusive financial system.

For more information on migration to e-payments initiative, refer to Migration From Paper To Electronic Payments Section.