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Financial Stability

Market Conduct

Promoting fair and equitable market practices

The Bank has intensified efforts to promote fair and equitable market conduct practices in the financial services industry. These efforts were primarily directed towards further enhancing product transparency and disclosure, and promoting high standard of professionalism among financial service providers in their dealings with consumers.


Promoting financial capability of consumers

The Bank, together with its smart partners, has implemented the Consumer Education Programme (CEP) which provides consumers access to information on financial products and services as well as money management. CEP also aims to equip consumers with sufficient knowledge to understand the risks and obligations involved in order to make an informed financial decision. With the presence of more confident, responsible and financially astute consumers will promote greater competition and thus market efficiency and innovation. To know more about financial education initiatives undertaken by the Bank, please go to "Customer Information" section in BNM website.


Market conduct supervision and enforcement

The Bank supervises the market conduct practices of financial service providers and initiates remedial or enforcement actions for any breach of market conduct requirements.


Regulations of intermediaries

As intermediaries represent an important interface between consumers and financial service providers, their good market conduct is equally essential to promote confidence in the financial services industry.


Applications for Intermediaries

(i) Financial Advisers (FA)

(ii) Adjusters

(iii) Insurance and Takaful Brokers (ITB)