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BNMLINK Client Charter

Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) aspires to strengthen public confidence as well as an efficient organization that effectively regulate and supervise the Financial Service Providers (FSPs).

BNM has put in place various channels comprising:

  • BNMLINK - Walk-in Customer Service Centre including at BNM Offices.
  • BNMTELELINK - Contact Centre (Call, fax, web form, e-mail or SMS).
  • Complaint Management and Advisory Unit.

We are committed to:

  • Provide efficient and effective services in handling and facilitating resolution of financial consumer complaints and enquiries.
  • Provide accurate, quality and comprehensive advisory services.
  • Enhance public awareness and understanding on financial matters.
  • Facilitate resolution on issues related to access to financing for SMEs.
Prompt Response for Enquiries and Complaints

BNM welcomes and encourages all enquiries, feedbacks and complaints as opportunities to understand financial consumers’ issues. Financial consumer shall communicate with BNM on their enquiries and complaints via the following available channels:

Walk-in Customer

  1. Customers will be served at the BNM Laman Informasi Nasihat & Khidmat (LINK) including at BNM Offices after the registration process.

Enquiry via phone

  1. To answer call within 3 rings.
  2. 1st Call Resolution for enquiry that does not require follow-up.
  3. Resolution within 1-3 days for enquiry that requires follow-up.

Enquiry via web form, letter and fax

  1. An automated acknowledgment e-mail will be sent to sender upon receipt of the e-mail.
  2. To respond within 5 working days from date of receipt for non-complex enquiry.
  3. For complex cases, BNM will escalate the case to the respective FSPs for explanation.
  4. FSPs are given 14 working days to provide an explanation and/ or resolution of the case. FSPs are required to respond directly to the financial consumer.
  5. FSPs shall inform the financial consumer if an extension of time is required.
  6. BNM will make an assessment based on the information received from FSPs and financial consumer for appropriate resolutions. BNM will only reply to financial consumer, if necessary.
  7. BNM will only act on web form, letter or fax that is sent directly to BNM and not cc or bcc e-mails, letter or fax.
  8. BNM will not handle:
    • Complaint that has not been referred to FSPs;
    • Complaint involving insurance/takaful claim exceeding RM500,000 except if it is related to quality of service and unfair claim handling.
    • Complaint under the purview of Ombudsman of Financial Services (OFS);
    • Complaint/ dispute that is time barred under the Limitation Act 1953 or Limitation Ordinance (Sabah) (Cap.72), or Limitation Ordinance (Sarawak) (Cap.49);
    • Complaint that has been referred to the Court/Consumer Tribunal , and referred by legal firms or under their conduct;
    • Complaint that does not disclose the name of complainant, without signature, ambiguous in nature or complaint by unauthorised 3rd party;
    • Complaint against institution not regulated by BNM such as cooperatives, credit companies, pawnbrokers and non-bank licensed money lenders;
    • Complaint against motor workshop which is not under PIAM Approved Repairer Scheme;
    • Complaint by FSP’s staff against their employer;
    • Complaint by agent of the FSPs against their principal;
    • Complaint involving commercial decision which does not involve issue of inappropriate application of BNM’s policy and standard; and
    • Complaint not under the purview of BNM i.e. cheating, multi-level marketing etc.

Enquiry via SMS

  1. An automated acknowledgment SMS will be sent to sender upon receipt of the SMS.
  2. To respond via phone within 3 working days from date of receipt.
  3. If the sender could not be reached by phone within 2 working days, response will be provided via SMS immediately.

Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS) Application

  1. For quick access to CCRIS report, customers shall obtain the report instantly from CCRIS kiosks available at BNMLINK premise at HQ, BNM Offices.
  2. For application via mail or fax, CCRIS report will be sent within 2 to 4 weeks upon receipt of complete submission of CCRIS application form and supporting documents.