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Foreign Exchange Policy

Submission of Application

Submission of Application

Application forms for approvals and registrations related to foreign exchange policy can be submitted online through this website.

Application form can be submitted by applicant on his/its own or by a third party on behalf of applicant. To enable submission of application by a third party, the applicant needs to first appoint the third party as its consultant/agent through applicant’s registered account. Please select the required function for online submission:
1) Own Submission

2) Third Party Submission

Click to view the User Guide For Online Application [PDF] or Check System Requirement. To save PDF document on your computer, right-click on the hyperlink and choose "Save target as".

System Helpline:

Telephone: +6 (03) 2698 8044 extensions 8982 / 7706

Note:  Online application is available from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm on Sunday to Friday and 9.00 am to 9.00 pm on Saturday.


List of Application Forms
Following are the list of application forms user guide to assist in form completion. To save the document on your computer, right-click on the hyperlink and choose "Save target as".

Form Name

Form Title

Form 5E

Extension Of Period For Receipts And Repatriation Of Export Proceeds

[Form User Guide]

Form 5N

Net-Off Export Proceeds/Write-Off Export Proceeds

[Form User Guide]

Form 6A

Ringgit Borrowing By Non-Resident

[Form User Guide]

Form 6B

Investment Abroad - Foreign Currency Borrowing By Non-Resident From Resident

[Form User Guide]

Form 7C

Retention Of Export Proceeds Overseas

[Form User Guide]

Form 9A

Investment Abroad - Equity

[Form User Guide]

Form 9C

Investment Abroad - Others

[Form User Guide]

Form 10A

Borrowing From Non-Residents

[Form User Guide]

Form 10D

Borrowing From Non-Residents:
A. Reduction Of Amount
B. Change Of Purpose
C. Change Of Other Terms And Conditions

[Form User Guide]

Form 10E

Foreign Currency Borrowing From Resident

[Form User Guide]

Form 11

Offsetting Arrangement

[Form User Guide]

Form A

Financial Guarantee

[Form User Guide]

Form B

Financial Guarantee Renewal / Extension / Cancellation / Change Amount

[Form User Guide]

Form C

Financial Guarantee Called Upon

[Form User Guide]

Report 6

Consequential Loan To Non-Resident Arising From Guarantee Terms & Conditions

[Form User Guide]

Report 10

Consequential Debt Of Resident Arising From Guarantee - Term & Condition

[Form User Guide]

For application forms that are not available online, applications may be submitted via a formal written letter to:

Foreign Exchange Policy Department
Bank Negara Malaysia
Jalan Dato' Onn 
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+6 (03) 2693 7732